Passin’ thru

St. Matt's, Ev-Luth, Passau, Free State of Bavaria

Evangelical-Lutheran church of St. Matthew, Passau, Bavaria. I was in transit, waiting for a train to Munich to see Elberry, who complains that Germans don’t look where they’re going or make any effort to avoid bumping into people – there’s some truth in that, I was finding it harder to move through crowds in Germany than here in Bratislava (not that I look where I’m going as often as I should). I’m taller than he is, so I suspect he has it worse than me, and he lives in Munich, which, being a big city, has the problem especially badly. Getting off trains and buses is also a bit worse in Munich (and, for that matter, Vienna) than it needs to be, one has to barge and elbow one’s way out sometimes.


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