Prešporok (II)

The tower of Michalská Brána (St. Michael’s Gate) in the city centre:


The interior of the Bratislavský Meštiansky Pivovar on Drevená (established 1752 but it was a Pizza Hut within living memory – I think it’s just a branch of the company though, another Bratislavský etc. can be found elsewhere in the city with the same logo and beers) – they serve a pretty good dark beer.


On the road up to Koliba waiting for a friend, I drew these: the bridge under the railway:


and a block of flats:


Around Petržalka, another block of flats – there’s a lot of prefab apartment blocks around, all looking identical save the paint scheme:


And a house seen in Petržalka, after going to meet some peeps for volleyball, discovering they weren’t there, and finding myself with time on my hands:




We went walking a while back up the hills near Wolfstal, the other side of the border, where there’s an old ruined fort. I filled up the remaining space in my old sketchbook, which I don’t have with me, and then started in a new one. The first picture in the new book was of some building near the top of the hill on the sunny side, adorned with large radar or satellite dishes or something:


Here’s a pub from a village near Wolfstal:


On a trip down the river, canoeing and picking up rubbish (our canoe acquired a tire, a bucket, two shoes, and a bag or two of trash), we saw the following: weird barrel-shaped rooms for camping in.


On another trip across the border, to Kittsee, we saw this church:


and this house:


Part of the ruined Pajštun castle, which was some random bog-standard castle before Napoleon came and forcefully improved it. Castle ruins are difficult to draw, at least at my level of skill – difficult to suggest the texture of the walls with a few pen-strokes.


Another post is scheduled for Monday, with various pictures in and around Bratislava.

Sv. Trojice

The Trinitarian Church, commonly called the Church of the Holy Trinity due to the obvious potential for confusion, actual name the Church of Sts. John of Matha and Felix of Valois, founders of the Trinitarian order and liberators of slaves. A friend wanted this for an info brochure for tourists visiting the church.


The above is the second attempt. The first, below, has proportions a little wonky.