Prešporok (II)

The tower of Michalská Brána (St. Michael’s Gate) in the city centre:


The interior of the Bratislavský Meštiansky Pivovar on Drevená (established 1752 but it was a Pizza Hut within living memory – I think it’s just a branch of the company though, another Bratislavský etc. can be found elsewhere in the city with the same logo and beers) – they serve a pretty good dark beer.


On the road up to Koliba waiting for a friend, I drew these: the bridge under the railway:


and a block of flats:


Around Petržalka, another block of flats – there’s a lot of prefab apartment blocks around, all looking identical save the paint scheme:


And a house seen in Petržalka, after going to meet some peeps for volleyball, discovering they weren’t there, and finding myself with time on my hands:



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