Excursions: errata

I located the sketchbook with the other sketches mentioned in the earlier “Excursions” post. These are of the ruined castle on the hill near Wolfstal.



The background scribbles here are supposed to represent the countryside – fields, roads, woods. We were looking down on the castle from the hilltop.



Advert (III)

I’m scheduled to play guitar on Friday in a café, the same one as before.


“Why is that foreigner making strange wailing noises?”

“I think he’s trying to sing.”

UPDATE: I left my hat on the table with a note requesting donations “for singing lessons for the guitarist”, and somehow wound up €70 richer by the end of the night.


I went to Vienna for a day and hoped to draw some of the many interesting buildings to be found around the city. However, I wound up not having any time, except at the end of the day waiting at the station. Here is a picture of the train semaphores hanging above the platform.