During my time in Germany, I had occasion to visit a Slovak friend working in Regensburg (he speaks extremely good German, and is teaching the language to various young refugees and other foreigners who need to get to A2 level in a hurry so they can get some German education.)

The inside of the train looked like this.


Regensburg is full of interesting buildings. I got out of the train station on the wrong side and saw this:


The cathedral was large and gothic. Last week there was a protest – some refugees were camping out there and refusing to be moved because Germany had decided to send them away from the peace and beauty of Bavaria to somewhere more brutal, less human, less prosperous – I can’t remember where but it was in north Germany. What they’ll do if Germany decides to send any of them back to Afghanistan, I dread to think.



Some bits of buildings.


The Jewish cultural centre.


I don’t know what this building is. Probably something important but I forgot to check on the map.



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