We visited Nitra in central Slovakia a while back. Two sketches – first, Gymeš castle:




Second, the 9th-century church of Sv. Juraj (St. George):



After this we went to a fish restaurant. There was some meal labelled pirate-something-or-other which I tried, it was shark and chilli. Shark meat tastes weird, it does taste vaguely fishy but you can kind of tell that you’re eating something a lot higher up the food chain than a normal fish – not a terribly healthy taste either. But I’d eat it again and at least when you’re dealing with a shark, bones are large enough that they’re really no problem.

My computer problems are not solved yet but if I don’t try resizing any GIMP windows it can function for over a minute, which is long enough to turn a scanned pdf file into a png.



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