One of the Significant Other’s shoes, which was ill-balanced and needlessly difficult to walk in – thus, I put it to another use, and filled it with soil and lobelias:


In other news, Lidl is having a Craft Beer Week. The IPA (Derail Ale, Steambox Brewery) is forgettable; the English Pale Ale (Marstons) is a bit better; the “dark vanilla porter” (Tunnel Blower, Steambox) is very nice, and, surprisingly, tastes of vanilla. (Porter descriptions aren’t always accurate. “Hints of chocolate and coffee”, in particular, seems to be a brewers’ euphemism for “tastes like someone put their fag out in your beer”.)





A flower, which I believe to be an orchid, but don’t really know. Like jazz, I respect flowers without having any particular interest in them. I drew this one at a friend’s flat; everyone else decided to watch “Pretty Woman” when it came on the TV, but I considered my time better spent contemplating the nearest potted plant.