More monsters. The young student was upset at failing to get enough smiley faces on her homework so I drew her a smile monster with five smiling faces to colour. Alas, although she liked it, this did not assuage her distress.


Coloured version – alas, my skills at cleaning up coloured images are not very advanced, I usually work in black and white:


More Monsters

Developed in conjunction with my 8-year-old student. This creature is Leo the Limoildurrich. She drew an alternate version of the creature; I will scan it in, as well as her coloured version of this one, next week if I can.


This was drawn by her and coloured by me (though she insisted on choosing the colours).


UPDATE: My version was never coloured, and now never will be – when I asked her if she’d coloured it a week later, she said that the cleaning lady had thrown it out. Her family is quite well-off, so their having a cleaning lady is conceivable. However, later questioning about their cleaning lady revealed that the student cleaned her own room, and “the cleaning lady” was herself, in a fit of indiscriminate clutter-disposal.

Educational Materials

Some worksheets I prepared for an 8-year-old child: the first is a drawing of her Barbie[TM] doll:


and the second is a monster we prepared by picking different animals for the body, head, legs, tail. As it has the body of a horse and the head of a unicorn, it was agreed that this is, in fact, a form of a unicorn, and therefore it farts rainbows. The name is a combination of animal names – pig, unicorn, bird, shark. When I can I will update this post with the coloured versions, I will do so.


EDIT: Coloured versions.

A Poem Against Procrastination

Written for All Hallows’ Eve, though not, in the end, used for its intended purpose (horrifying teenagers).

Once there was a village in the woods, and every night
at sunset they would gather and would make a fire burn bright –
for warmth and roasting sausages, and dancing all around,
but also necessary to protect their little patch of ground;
for hidden in the dark of night were monsters in the woods
in whom was little thought of deeds benevolent or good.

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