Rewards (VIII): Dilophosaurus

“The spitting dinosaur from Jurassic park, in a forest, and next to it me with bow and arrow.”


Rewards (II): Last Cigarette

lastcigaretteAnother reward for passably good behaviour in class.


More Monsters

Developed in conjunction with my 8-year-old student. This creature is Leo the Limoildurrich. She drew an alternate version of the creature; I will scan it in, as well as her coloured version of this one, next week if I can.


This was drawn by her and coloured by me (though she insisted on choosing the colours).


UPDATE: My version was never coloured, and now never will be – when I asked her if she’d coloured it a week later, she said that the cleaning lady had thrown it out. Her family is quite well-off, so their having a cleaning lady is conceivable. However, later questioning about their cleaning lady revealed that the student cleaned her own room, and “the cleaning lady” was herself, in a fit of indiscriminate clutter-disposal.




For a student.


Rewards (I)

For students who behaved in my classes, points could be accumulated, and traded in for rewards. One possible reward was a request for artwork.

One child requested a hobbit, on a toilet, in a forest. “In an outhouse – a wooden toilet building?” I asked. “No. Just on a toilet. No building. Carrying an axe.”

Well, the customer is always right.


For various reasons (ok, mostly laziness) I’ve been lax in scanning in my more displayable sketches in the last half a year. Now I’ve got a backlog and am scheduling posts in advance. More stuff on mondays and (some) thursdays.