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The Blogger Scowls in Greeting


I’m godescalc (…not my real name, which is more mundane), this is my blog. Friends of Elberry may know (of) me as the Viking.

Things of interest to me include art, music, comics, Catholic theology, quantum mechanics. My blogging plan includes weekend sketches, occasional discourse on music I like, and longer posts whenever I feel like talking at length, which isn’t all that often.

Ideas of things to draw are always welcome (even if you’re a total stranger) – can’t promise I’ll take up any ideas thrown at me, but you never know. Anyone with ideas (or better yet, scripts) for short comic stories is also welcome to chime in.

I blogged previously at Notes from the Scriptorium at blogspot, but lost the password for my admin-level account and the associated email address is also dead as a dodo, so I’m moving on. I also blogged for a while at There Are Real Things together with Nick Milne and Brian Visaggio.

I understand English and German and invite comments in both (and in Slovak, which God willing I will speak a little of soon); comments in other languages, unless justified by context, are at risk of being taken for spam (especially long strings of chinese ideograms interspersed with words like “gold”, “world of” and “warcraft”).