I have a cheap graphics tablet from Lidl and am experimenting with the Gimp, learning the different things you can do. I don’t think it will replace doing art by hand, as my scratchy pen-and-ink style would be very arduous to replicate on a graphics tablet, and I’ll have to watch out for the slightly plastic look that can easily afflict computer-made art. But pen and ink does not allow me to draw over black with white, and creating a trail of sparkly lights is fiddly and arduous with ink and paper but takes only seconds on the computer.[1]

The stars in the background come from the NASA website, images from some space telescope. I did not note where, though, so cannot give proper citation. Sorry, NASA.

[1] Technical details: Gimp’s “spark” brush with random dynamics. The standard “dynamics random” preset includes random opacity, which I didn’t want for this, so I created a custom dynamics option with random size and angle. (As “spark” is perfectly circular the random angle bit is superfluous but I can use it for other stuff too.)


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