Just came back from a weekend near Rosenberg in Liptau. The place where we stayed:


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More household objects

Sketches from my parents’ house: light switch, flowers in a pot, slipper:


I think drawing small objects is useful; my mother (a better artist than me) disagrees, thinks it’s borderline autistic, and finds it an irritating habit; in that way that sometimes a family member does something microscopically trivial and it absolutely enrages you for no rational reason. (There’s a section on this in the Screwtape Letters.)

I’ll admit my mother’s irritation amuses me; but when she angrily took away a clothes peg I wished to draw (and I concede my motives were not completely pure), I decided not to push the matter.

Fireplace, scissors:


Up next, some sketches of proper architecture.


The Significant Other, sketched… not sure where.


Two female relatives, in a pub overlooking the river Arun:


They were not satisfied with their portrayals; I challenged them to do better, a challenge accepted by another female relative who tried to draw me:


I think she captured the quiet tormented despair in my eyes quite well.