While in Lednice, we went off on a wine-tasting expedition to Valtice (German: Feldburg). Like Lednice, it contains a castle – this is one of the gates:


and this the view from the rear of the castle:


While there, we visited a small “Celtic Pub” called Avalon. I’m not sure what was Celtic about it but it was a very nice place.


We also stopped in another pub called “Valticka Rychta”, which was also pretty good but I did not have the chance to draw anything much.

Anyway, we tasted some wine and returned with a bottle of Hibernal, which is a type I had never heard of before, tastes vaguely like a Muskat.



We’ve just got back from the town of Lednice (Czech for “refrigerator”; the German name “Eisgrub” seems, as far as I can tell, to mean something along the lines of “Ice-dig”). It’s a small town most notable for its highly impressive castle, built by the Liechstenstein family, who still claim ownership; but it was confiscated by Communist Czechoslovakia, and the modern Czech republic is in no hurry to give all its ill-gotten castles back.


In the square containing the bus stop, this statue was to be seen: one side of the monument declared it to be erected by the locals in gratitude to an aristocratic benefactor; I forget the name, but another inscription read “Gott schuetze das Haus Liechtenstein” – “God protect the House of Liechtenstein!”


The square also contained this building, which I guess is a town hall but I forgot to check.


And this is a Czech stop sign.


While there we made an excursion to Valtice, on which more next week.


A student. She was, I think, 12 or 13 at the time. This picture is recognisable as her, but she is more beautiful than I’ve drawn her.


I’ve never found it easy to capture people’s likeness. I tried drawing her younger sister and somehow made her look like a grumpy Princess Lea. (Of course trying to draw an 8-year-old who won’t keep still is not a trivial task.)


Said younger sister tried drawing herself:


and to be honest I think she captured her own likeness better than I did.