Not too much to report this week – I’ve been drawing something that won’t go up here, and a student reward which isn’t finished yet. In the meantime, here is a sketch of our sofa.


a sofa

Trees (II)

Doin’ my students homework for them.

A student must, for science class in school, imaginatively engage with the subject of “trees” by drawing a picture on the subject of “tree as source of life and messenger” (strom ako zdroj života a posolstvo). My suggestion:


(Right-clicking / Ctrl+clicking on the picture and selecting “Open picture in new tab”  should get you a larger version.)

(Note for Slovaks: “lest woe overwhelm the Earth” = “než trápenie nepremôže zem”. “Lest something happen” means “for fear that something may happen”, or “in order that something might not happen”. E.g. “Always look both ways when crossing the road, lest a truck run you over and turn you into zemiakova placka.”)


Wedding yesterday. The ceremony went well (the couple are now successfully married); the reception was in a large hotel dining room with hunting trophies on the walls.


I was also inspired to draw the service doors through which food was brought. Conveying light and shade and how they interact with texture is something I need to work on, I think.