Quick Sketches

A sleeping woman:

A cot:



My attempts:

I grew up reading Transformers comics, which may be why I find it hard to draw a giant robot without coming up with something that looks like a Decepticon.

Attempt 2:

Less like a Transformer, but it looks like the robot has high heels.

(The Significant Other, who has no affinity for robots whatsoever, asked if they had names, and when told “no”, suggested Rainbow and Lulu.)

Grandma’s House (II)

The recent trip abroad involved visiting relatives. This picture I named “le fruits de l’autisme”, a nod to my mother who thinks my drawing style is autistic.

(My father, more phlegmatic, has come to agree with her. Now I need only work on the Significant Other, who, having worked with actual autistic kids, stubbornly continues to insist that I am absolutely normal.) (Well, not actually normal, but not autistic in the least.)

The need to move beyond this drawing style grows more pressing; it is too difficult to give the impression of a highlight on a pale background. (The tablecloth above is supposed to be white.) But my skill with the available alternatives ranges from poor to nonexistent.

The above was not a proper sketch; it used pencil to get the proportions in order. The following is a proper sketch, which is why the edges of the TV are slightly wonky. (This isn’t really the normal definition of “sketch”, but it’s what I use.)