Space Princess

Sketched for 9-year-old student. Name and planet of origin selected by her.



down t’pub

Sketched at an evening down the pub (Bratislavský Meštiansky Pívovar; they do quite a good dark beer, the “Bubák”; but this time I asked for a rezané, a beer carefully poured to have a layer of dark beer atop a layer of light beer, and it was not carefully poured, but simply mixed). An American:


The Significant Other (her head is not that oversized in real life; it’s an error of the artist):


The American decided to try his hand at sketching. The results are better kept secret (I think he hadn’t tried to draw anything since school), but I sketched him while he was drawing the Significant Other.





household objects

A coffee percolator, which has given good service:


A wooden pig-shaped object with a hole in the middle and balls to roll on. When I bought it (from, I believe, the Würzburg market) I believed it to be a toy. It has recently been pointed out to me, and demonstrated, that it is in fact a massage device: the hole is for holding, the balls roll over someone’s back and achieve massage effects. Curious.



Elberry in Manchester:


Beer: Runaway smoked porter was forgettable. Beavertown Smog Rocket smoked porter was a good heavy stout. Flying Dog Easy IPA was great (according to my opinion and that of the Significant Other.)

Parents in the Castle Inn, Bramber:


Beer: Bramber Ale (an american amber ale) was fantastic. Harvey’s Best Bitter was pretty good. The Dray Bells winter ale was good though keeping it as a seasonal special is probably for the best – the sort of beer that’s nice for a change but you wouldn’t want to drink it too often.

Watched Tomorrowland with the Significant Other. An OK-ish film. I’m planning to do slightly more proper blogging (mostly reviews) this year, but – as here – with a “read more” cut so it doesn’t clutter up the front page of the blog. Continue reading