More Miscellany


Above: Antošiv ležiak 11˚. Nothing special – a bit bitter, nice refreshing taste if rolled on the tongue. (Ležiak – lager – is not my thing, though.) Also drunk recently: Kaltenecker Saison (very nice) and Chopper IPA (pretty good).

Some sculptures, the first for adorning shelves and the second for holding small knick-knacks:




“Somehow the statue escaped” – the title of a post by Mac at Light on Dark Water, about a 14th century statue of the Virgin and Child made in the English Midlands, which avoided destruction in the Puritan iconoclasm:


The title of Mac’s post summoned up the mental image of a fugitive statue, sneaking around while malicious Puritan wrecking mobs prowl the area, seeking anything they can smash. So…


I respect the Puritans of old, it must be said – their hard-headed, practical mysticism, immense conviction and bravery; even if their attitude towards art and beauty was lacking. Chesterton, commenting on John Bunyan, said:

The word “savage” used here may, perhaps be misunderstood as indicating an animadversion against Puritanism; I use the word as a compliment. … Religion was indeed preached by the Cavaliers, both before and after the great war: before it, as a very noble scheme of national civilization; after it, as a very ingenious cog-wheel in the political constitution. Between the two rises Puritanism, a naked and roaring giant, announcing that religion is a wheel in no policy, a part of no civilization; a thing as old as fear, and as rapacious as love; that religion is what it really is, a terror, a splendor, a necessity, and a nuisance.

Amen to that. And on the subject of that saved from the wreck – an apropos song for the new year:


Cat on a shelf

Currently taking sculpture classes. One of my early projects; turned out OK except the wonky shelves and accidentally painting the books brown (they’re supposed to be green, but some glazes change colour when fired, thus introducing the possibility of confusion about what colour you’re actually painting something). I may hang it from a bookshelf.