We visited Nitra in central Slovakia a while back. Two sketches – first, Gymeš castle:




Second, the 9th-century church of Sv. Juraj (St. George):



After this we went to a fish restaurant. There was some meal labelled pirate-something-or-other which I tried, it was shark and chilli. Shark meat tastes weird, it does taste vaguely fishy but you can kind of tell that you’re eating something a lot higher up the food chain than a normal fish – not a terribly healthy taste either. But I’d eat it again and at least when you’re dealing with a shark, bones are large enough that they’re really no problem.

My computer problems are not solved yet but if I don’t try resizing any GIMP windows it can function for over a minute, which is long enough to turn a scanned pdf file into a png.


More Bratislava

A day late, because while I have the art, I don’t have the working version of The Gimp, at least on my laptop.

The meeting room in Weber Chemikalien where I taught some students.


The interior of Sts. Cyril and Methodius church.


Part of the city walls, as viewed from the U Dobreho Pastiera pub.



Britain (still more of)

I recently visited England, to see family and introduce my girlfriend to the beautiful scenery of the English countryside. (And introduce myself, a bit, as I grew up in a city.)

This is a building in Leominster. Outside was an infoboard describing it as “a remarkable building”. I wrote this on the drawing (as you can see) and have now forgotten the actual name. Googling “leominster remarkable building” gets me nowhere. [EDIT: my girlfriend, who has a better memory than I, has found it for me.]


At the top of St. Lawrence’s church in Ludlow, I sought to draw some of the gothic pointy bits with gothic knobbly bits on. I have no idea what they’re called. Neither did my father.


Rewards (I)

For students who behaved in my classes, points could be accumulated, and traded in for rewards. One possible reward was a request for artwork.

One child requested a hobbit, on a toilet, in a forest. “In an outhouse – a wooden toilet building?” I asked. “No. Just on a toilet. No building. Carrying an axe.”

Well, the customer is always right.


For various reasons (ok, mostly laziness) I’ve been lax in scanning in my more displayable sketches in the last half a year. Now I’ve got a backlog and am scheduling posts in advance. More stuff on mondays and (some) thursdays.