A portrait of Elberry, drawn in an Italian pub in Vienna.




Advert (II)

For a church event organised by some friends – “Živý Ruženec” means “living Rosary”, it involved standing round with candles saying the Rosary. Later, there was cake.

zivy ruzenec poster

On reflection, a flat black background was a bad idea – it needed a dark background with shapes suggestive of the interior of a building, perhaps a church. But having offered to do it, I found myself pressed for time. Also the figures looked better in my head, but that’s often the way.

EDIT: One person commented it looked “evil”. I didn’t think so, but then I realised my stylised eyeless figures look like Noppera-bo, who aren’t reported to do much except go around being faceless at people but are still considered rather scary by the Japanese.


Over a month ago I visited Budapest, but forgot to scan the pictures for a while. The central attractions, and the parts where the city is kept in good shape, look amazing; outside those areas, Budapest turns into a run-down hell-hole. I thought the roads were bad in Bratislava, but parts of Hungary make Slovakia look wealthy and well-kept.

The most impressive thing about Budapest is probably the parliament. It is a huge and outrageous thing and pictures cannot do it justice.


This is an altar in some church I forgot to note the name of.


This is a government building of some sort.


This is the Fisherman’s Tower, part of the citadel walls on the hill – there’s a mini-citadel, full of churches, old buildings, tourist shops and a Hilton hotel, and the walls surrounding it look like they’re straight out of a fairy-tale.