Večnô Mesto (II)

And a few more: one of the side towers of St. Agnes in Piazza del Navona, where we watched the ceremony, along with approximately half of Poland.


Looking up in a side street in the Jewish quarter. There were Kosher shops, one labelled “meat” and one “milk” – we were eating in the latter and one of our party bought a kebab or something and wandered over to join us, and was promptly asked to leave as the “milk” section was reserved for consumption of things that aren’t meat.


And the altar in St. Paul’s Basilica:



Večnô Mesto

Just got back from visiting Rome for the recent canonisations. I did a couple of sketches, of which this is probably the most recognisable:


I was somewhat flattered when a girl came up and asked if she could photograph this, while I was drawing it. I replied, sure; but the real thing is right in front of you, and it’s even better.